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Game EverQuest 2

EverQuest 2 is a game in genre MMORPG that has been released in far 2004 by Sony Entertainment. It is an ideological heir of its progenitor, this is where the main principles and mechanics were taken.It’s got better graphics and revised gameplay.


In Russia Ever Quest 2 was localized and released under the guidance of Akella- Online in 2006. For a long time the game has just been here. However, unfortunately, by 2011 it started to be less about players. And this project had to be transfered to free to play. This strategy has breathed life into the game temporarily. More than that, it was allowed to exist in Russia and CIS countries till March 30, 2016.

That’s the day Akella-Online stopped supporting EQ2 and, moreover, it was officially closed for our users. All the characters and gameplay were moved in English-speaking servers, where we can fined huge fans of this project.
Ever Quest 2 functions well still today. Constant updating comes out, contet is supplemented still today, and developers please their fans with systemetic events and competitions.

Game Universe

Things of both parts act out in the fantastic world Norrat. The difference is, the action in EQ2 takes place 500 years later. That genious move is created to let EQ to move forward, because it continued to exist at time of sequel. Let’s note, that new universe is regarded as an alternative reality. Besides, it gives developers full discretionary powersin development of both plots.

Norrat is inherently bipolar. It is divided into two opposing parties. The Queen Antonia Beil represents the good, whereas Lord Luckan de’ Lirre-evil. History of this world is highly thought-out.It is also covered by so many literature sources. It is not welcomed at society to empower modern games with a profound and well-considered plot. An Old- timer pleasantly delights in this regard.

Game features

Ever Quest 2 begins with the choice of character that willbecome your second self during your vertual trip. Going through quests, powerlevelling personal skills, searching for loyal comrades, huntingfor monsters- all of these adventures lie ahead of each players, who dared invade Norrat.

The game strikes with its great diversity:

  • 21 races;
  • 4 archetypes;
  • 12 estates;
  • 26 subclasses.

It is just the choice of a character you will be. And what about quests, bosses, guilds and other aspects? We can talk about it endlessly.

Soundtrack for Ever Quest 2 was written by American and Israeli composers. Many NPC were announced by professional actors. Attention to such trifles is considered a model! It is a game of the 2004 for a moment!
Due to all the above-mentioned aspects, the game remaines very much alive today, develops anddelights its fans. They, in turn, are not going to leave it.