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Buying game currency

Most of us prefer to spend their free time playing online-games. To be powerful figures in the game and to achieve more rapid development of your character, it is necessary to donate. Donate is game currency purchase for cash. Any online-game involves its own subtleties or nuances. At first sight, Ever Qest 2 seems to do without donate. But when you figute it out, you realised, it is not.

Popular Ever Quest 2 implies donate. Domestic, the most valuable game currencies are called ‘Krono” and ” Platinum”. Due to “Krono” the player gets some perspectives and opportunities. They are sold on cash in the market. Besides, it can be purchased from other players through a third party and also private trade for inside game currency.

You can buy Krono for cash on our site at gainful rates and buy it from other players for game currency. What is more, you can sell Kronos it to other players for game currency. Mostly it is usefulness to activate a premium account, extend game time and subscription. All rates with a premium account will be multiply by x2:

  1. double experience:
  2. two times more money from raid bosses or mobs.

Due to a premium account, buying for Krono, your character will develop faster than other ordenary player. In your inventory there is an indefinite term of holding Kronos.With the help of Kronos you can join in gold membership and the list of actual benefits.

  1. You will get extra slots;
  2. There is an opportunity to use additions;
  3. All functions of guilds are open;
  4. With the help of the map your trip becomes quicker;
  5. There is full accessibility for game brokers and so on.

Platinum and Kronos

One more reason to buy Kronos is to exchange it for Platinum. It is one of the most valuable things in Ever Quest 2-Platinum. You can get it by yourself. However, the most operational method is exchange with Kronos. No matter how much platinum you have, it is too little. It is used to different things: upgrading your armour, purchase of arms, rent for accommodation and other cosumables.

Krono is in-game money from the company Sony Online Entertainment. Purchase of Krono is carried out in various ways such as: with credit card or an account at Play Pal. There is an information that you can buy Krono at Steam.