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Ever Quest 2 and sell Kronos

Kronos are game assets, that can help you to buy 30 days of membership with complete access. General monthly membership costs cheaper than Krono, but instead of buying, it is better to exchange membership card with complete access for Krono.

As a rule, you can buy e-currency for real money currently trading in the market. Players can not sell Kronos each other for real money. However, there is an opportunity to conduct the sale through a third partyor special currency market. There are entire communities of Online-games.Although, the sale of Kronos between players (exchage for cash) is officially illegal, there are some ways to get around the rules without breaking any laws and get real money, such as:

  • Use the services of the third party or special currency market for selling Kronos. In this method there is a fair amount of risk, because in case of some misconceptions, it will be very difficult to prove your right.
  • The second wayis more reliable. You can present Krono your acquaintance in virtual reality, he will pay by cash in real peace.

Kronos are great with absence of expiration date. Using it you can get a lot of virtual currency.

How to get Kronos and benefit from sale

Veteran players, possessing the largest stockpils in-game resources, have an opportunity to exchange them for Kronos. It will allow to save on monthly payments for access to Ever Quest 2. If you are new without large amounts of virtual currency and you can’t buy things from broker because of the high price, you can buy Kronos (by cash) and sell Kronos to other players ( for game resources) to creat and redouble your own currency in virtual world. Also you can treat Krono like common goods (commodity) and increase units of your currency in the game by sale Kronos through broker for profit.

By the way, publishers of Ever Quest and Ever Quest 2 note, that Kronos are not method of payment. It is game-y item, that you can purchase from SOE. And only then it may be bought general monthly membership. Adoption of Kronos in Ever quest 2 doesn’t replace existing methods of procurement for rights to participate in virtual battles.

Monthly access through Krono

To prolong the player Account for 30 dayswith Krono, just click “Use Krono” on the right of slot. The e-mail address of your account must be valid to have an opportunity to use Krono. It can be update on the game site: login, click “My Account’, then update your e- mail address and click “Save”.

Kronos can be usedin any games, supporting that kind of currency untill you will swap it or use it for game expansion after placing krono with broker or currency market, or after an exchange with other players. After all of this actions Krono is linked to the game, where a transaction has taken place.